"An alpine style ascent of Tahu Ratum (6651m) is a particularly noteworthy and challenging objective, which will help raise the profile of British mountaineering." - Sir Chris Bonington - Expedition Patron.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Today has been mainly about packing...

How many freeze dried meals... serious concentration required! Photo: Ian Carter.

Holly, Hamish, Luke and I have spent the day in my barn. We occupied our time by packing, packing and yet more packing...

We're all fairly knackered and are about to go sleep.

Here are a few photos of us packing.

A big thanks to everyone to who has supported our trip - we really, really, really appreciate it.

Hamish on the phone to his Mum - He's forgotten the spare picks for his ice axes but his missing merino boxers were by far the most pressing issue. Photo: Ripley.

Hamish and Holly pretty happy with yummy Mule Bars! Photo: Hunt.

Geobar Heaven - Photo: Ripley.

This will be our last blog post before the fun really starts, but I might squeeze another in tomorrow if you're lucky/some thing unexpected happens!

Tom Ripley


  1. SERIOUSLY exciting...have a great time. you won't be all that far from me, holls, because i'm in north west india. looking forward to exchanging stories when we're both back in the uk. lots of love and good luck to you all. x